Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hand in hand we walked in the sun

Hand in hand we walked in the sun
tasted the rain and the teardrops...
together we saw the stars in the sky...
You held my hand and helped me walk..

It was love I thought and wanted to try...

I looked in the river..
the reflection of you and me was looking back at me...

I called your name..
I heard nothing back..
I looked around you were there
But could not hear me...

I cried but you did not see...

I tried to reach you..
But you could not see..

Monday, March 28, 2011

Season of love...

I remember it rained that a flower drenched in water after rain...
I could not look up...look up... in your eyes with the fear i might drown......
when it was something was something new....wanted you to kiss away the drops of water....rain left over my face...
...before I could hold your hand... before I could see the colors of love.... was winter...
Winter....cold and harsh....wanted to feel you ...wanted you to stop...wanted to tell u it was love I din know...alone in the dark I used to cry ,,,wanted you to come back to never say goodbye wanted to hear the sweetest lie...wanted to be in your arms and sleep like a child....

The post is not complete yet :-(

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Life without them was so calm and unruffled. I never really missed them but all good things have to come to an end and surprise......surprise they came for a visit and only to my despair that too in the morning.

My mornings (in weekdays) are never calm as I am always in a rush to make it on time. Due to my short falling excuses of being late I was told that my conveyance to reach office will move at 8:20a.m with or without me. And believe me it is not that easy to reach office by public transport. But they (self invited guest), they would never understand this.

“I swear I woke up on time but there was this really really big cockroach near the washbasin which is near the entrance of my bathroom. So I got....” I rehearsed whether this time my excuse for being late sounded convincing enough to be pardoned. I knew even if it was aliens instead of cockroaches still I will be screwed. So I had no option but to get ready that too on time. I tried to make all kind of noises with my foot and throw things varying in sizes to scare him of... but it seems as if he was meditating or something. I looked at him closely no way I can not kill this beautiful or whatever(Please add some adjective yourself) creation of God just because I am big and it is small. It also has a right to live...Damn I don’t have the guts to hit this Big and really ugly pest!!! I gathered myself and as it was not moving at all I thought of brushing my teeth. But all in vain the thought of his moustache touching my feet was enough to call it quits. It didn’t took me long to realize that there is no other option but to bring the high jump classes that we were given in school in use and make it to the bathroom.

I locked the door and first thing I did was I looked all around the bathroom hoping that its family is not having a feast in my bathroom. Then I took the shortest shower of my life, again ran as fast as I could (sigh) and reach office almost on time just to realize that I forgot to brush my teeth.


Friday, April 17, 2009

"What's in a name?”

What was his name? We wondered…..But "What's in a name?”

Though he is not on the dot punctual but every morning around 7 the bell would ring and without asking who it was one us would scream “coming”. My mother opens the door most often for him and in case he is not on time, she will ask chantingly “Bhaiya got late today?” I never heard of any response. I guess the time he took thinking for some excuse the simultaneous task of refilling the milk cans got over. And my mother without realizing that she asked him a question would collect the milk cans and shut the door.

Once in two or three years when he will ask for a price hike my mother would use her bargaining skills efficiently and say “Bhaiya you are serving us since ten years(hearing this since I was five), we deserve some discount.” Authoritatively she will quote a price for the monthly bill to which he will agree submissively.

I sometimes wondered did he acknowledge that in last 20 years I have grown from the little girl who used to rush to open the door at 7 in the morning to collect milk cans from him to young and independent (or rather semi-dependent) lass.

Last Saturday I was busy reading newspaper (obviously gossip column) bell rang which I completely ignored and dedicatedly continued reading newspaper. My mom first completed the ritual of screaming “Coming” and then opened the door.
“Bhaiya got late today?” she asked. But this time I heard a reply
“Didi, Aafreeda is getting married” he said.
“My daughter” presenting a box of sweets he said “Nikah is on 29th”
“Congratulations” said my mother

After shutting the door she asked"did u know his daughter's name is Aafreeda?"
Obviously I knew what she meant. within a split sec she asked "What is his name?"
We wondered....22years..and we never knew his name..But ironically enough...."What's in a name?”

Sunday, September 14, 2008

So she fell for him…

So she fell for him…

“its always like he is standing there, every one is looking at him….appreciating him talking about him, cheering him and then he ignores all the people and looks straight into my eyes and then…..he gives me a smirk….as if he is saying now you know I am superior” is what she used to say…... Few words changed eventually but the meaning changed drastically.

I remember initially she didn’t used to like him much (I don’t know whether the feeling was mutual) in fact she used to envy him sometimes or may be most of the time for his intelligence, competence and the fact that being almost same in work he used to get all the recognition and appreciation she wanted.

It was difficult for her to accept that one is still better even if two are best.

I don’t know how everything happened but what I know that everything happened at snail’s pace. She fell for him and the simple sounding four letter word LOVE, changed everything and now this is what she has to say.
“Every one is looking at him….appreciating him talking about him, cheering him and then he ignores all the people and then he looks straight into my eyes and then… me a smile….as if he is saying now you know I love you”

Thursday, June 26, 2008

getting nostalgic

Few days back I went to a place which used to be a favorite hangout for me and my friends in school.

It was the place where.........(guys hold on your imagination and read..)

My friend was teaching me how to ride a scooty. We started on from a secluded road but I got over confident or may be it was the crazy notion that every teenager has that “…nothing can go wrong…..”I turned the scooty towards the market and increased the speed.........My friend was constantly asking me to slow down…..but how could anything go wrong…… everything was under control…..under my control.

And before I could even realize anything I heard “…I told u to slow down”. It was voice of my friend. I opened my eyes and saw people around….me and my friend were lying on road…I could see stars above her head(were there any stars above mine??? Never mind) The funniest thing was that I was still giving race to the scooty with my hands lying down on road….. I took some time to realize that we have met with an accident.....

ohh shit...accident....!!!!!When we were back to our senses …..We still were not feeling any pain. What we both were scared about were our parents…..I looked at my friend she had bruises on her knee. And I had bruises on my hand the rare view mirror of the scooty broke and the glasses were all over my hand. I had major wounds on my knees, shoulders and face (very near to eyes). We went back to my friend’s home and looking at the severity of our accident we decided not to tell our parents about it.

We changed our clothes as the jeans got torn around the knees and the next two big things to deal were
1) get the scooty repaired
2) hide the big bruise near my eyes as rest of them we covered with our clothes

We dashed out all the lil cash we had to get the scooty repaired and believe me it was very ‘lil……..I spread my hair over my face to hide the wound near my eyes……..but I guess mothers of all smart kids(or dumb kids who pretend to b smart) are a lot more smarter. Her mother smelled detol and we were caught.

Next thing we decided is that that we will tell our parents that the other person was driving, so that we can save our skin and all the blame would go to the other person. Which could have worked if our parents never met……..but they did.

We were taken to hospital…both of us got a big injections and believe me sometimes things can go wrong.

What I managed to do effectively was … I never told my parents about the wound that was there on my shoulder and even today my mom spend some quality time thinking from where did I get scar on my shoulder…

It was the place where I met first road accident of my life…… It was the place which made me realize that you should always pay heed to your friend’s advice….

Especially when a friend is sitting on the back seat and that too without helmet…

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Why ???

I was in a restaurant waiting for my sis to get food for me. I was looking in the direction of my sis so that I don’t miss her as the place was so damn crowded. Doing so I saw a lady come and sit in front of me. She was with a girl who seemed to be around 12 so I guessed she might be her grand mother. The young left her instantly with a small girl who seemed to be around 2 years to get food.

She was very old, she took a while to sit and adjust to the bright lights of the restaurant.
I kept looking at her and before I could even realize I was staring her. She kept looking at the floor and not even for once she looked up or at me (I would have been damn conscious if someone stared me like I was staring her)

I got really curious and wanted to know why she seemed to be so disinterested in everything... the people around.... the food and even her granddaughter who was sitting beside her and could have fallen from the chair any moment.

I was asking my self why she is here if she didn’t want to be. ……..

All I could think was may b bcoz her grandchildren wanted her to be there and she complied unwillingly...

Do we live for others when we grow old???????????